Ms. Livers


Welcome to Kindergarten

Room 3

Have a wonderful summer and I'll see you in August!


Important Upcoming Events:


Rainbow Words

September:  the, a, see, I, red

October:  to, by, my, am, at, go, man, no, is, can, and, you, orange

November: an, it, has, ran, he, she, did, in, put, sits, me, with, yellow

December:  big, good, his, very, got, on, here, of, lot, not, are, was, had, be, do, ten, green

January:  but, look, want, up, him, us, for, her, yes, help, too, they, six, have, some, we, blue

February:  get, hot, or, where, if, stop, come, from, as, that, our, cut, must, said, when, purple

March:  down, off, so, will, back, let, were, what, then, this, could, now, tell, well, who, your, brown

April:  know, out, same, take, home, like, many, right, keep, made, why, would, make, time, all, into, black

May:  came, gave, about, one, just, pick, because, play, ate, them, again, how, white