My name is Mrs. Pryor and I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year! The start of a new school year holds the promise of new discovery, learning opportunities and personal growth in all areas. I look forward to learning more about your child as we venture into this next school year together.

I have taught third and fifth grade in Omaha Public Schools and absolutely love being an educator. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and I have a passion for reading, playing golf and gardening. It is my goal to see each child reach his/her fullest potential.

Thank you for visiting my site. Staying involved in your child’s education is a great way to help them be successful! I feel communication, commitment and cooperation are essential in the educational process. Let’s work together to make this school year a roaring success at Standing Bear! Thank you for your support. With teamwork, third grade will be fun and positive for all!


Contact Information:

Homework Folders

Folders will be sent home Monday night. Please complete assignments, and return on Friday. Please keep the behavior calendar in your child’s homework folder all week.

Homework Packet Activities:
*Study both vocabulary words and the spelling words
*Complete the vocabulary match worksheet
*Read the weekly reading story aloud and discuss questions at the end of the story.

Your child should be reading 15-30 minutes nightly. He/she may read books from home or the Standing Bear Library. Third graders can read silently or to a family member.

Please help your child pick books that are “just right” for them using the I PICK method.

1. choose a book.
Purpose - Why do I want to read?
Interest - Does it interest me?
Comprehend - Am I understanding what I am reading? 5. Know - I know most of the words.

Students should practice their basic math facts nightly to help increase fluency. They may use flashcards or Standing Bear third grade learning links (math games).

Cycle Day Schedule

Cycle Day 1/6

Cycle Day 2/7

Cycle Day 3/8

Cycle Day 4/9

Cycle Day 5/10

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Standing Bear is using a new behavior system focused on being proactive in addressing student’s behaviors in a positive manner. We are using this program to help our students have a safe, positive learning environment and promote consistency in all areas of our school. We will follow the school-wide rules in our classroom and throughout the building.

Personal Best

Act Responsibility

Work and Play Safely

Show Respect