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Room 11 Information

Welcome to Room 11!

My name is Kelli Baker and I teach first grade here at Standing Bear Elementary.  This is my sixteenth year teaching at our beautiful school.

This coming year will be my twentieth year teaching.  All of my teaching experience is with Omaha Public Schools.  I spent my first three years teaching fifth grade.  Then I spent a year teaching first grade, then seven years teaching second grade.  Finally, I returned to first grade and have been here the last seven years.  

Welcome to Room 11!

I am so excited to meet my new first grade class!  I am looking forward to a great summer and fun new year!



 I am often approached by families looking to donate additional items to our classroom.  Below, I created a short list of donation items that we use excessively throughout the year:


Zip Lock bags (quart or snack-size)

glue sticks

 pump hand soap


Clorox wipes


Other fun stuff:

incentive stickers

board games for indoor recess



Thanks for your interest in helping our classroom!


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