Miss Lensch







     I am Miss Lensch and love being at Standing Bear Elementary! My goal is to keep kids moving! A few years ago I wrote a rap called "Get Fit" that promotes fitness. Here are the words:


You're watchin' the tube just channel surfin' and stuffin' your face with greasy Burger King; You're sittin' on the couch and you're goin' nowhere so you better get fit and jump up in the air....So get fit and don't quit! Stop watchin' TV and your computer screen; Get fit! You get it? You're life is on the line and you're runnin' out of time so GET FIT!

     Some of the activities we will do in PE will be cosmic bowling, flag football, volleyball, various tag games, basketball, soccer and many other fitness activities! Research shows that moving and exercise improves student learning, so PE is important!

     One way you can help your student succeed in PE is to make sure they have sneakers to wear on their PE day. Thanks for your support and come visit us in the gym anytime!