Third Grade

                       Third Grade

  Music Vocabulary Words

Ti tika - A one beat rhythm pattern with three sounds (eight and two sixteenth notes)

Tika ti - A one beat rhythm  pattern with three sounds (two sixteenths and an eighth note)

ti Ta ti - A two beat rhythm  pattern with three sounds (eighth quarter eighth)

Half rest - Two beats of silence

Whole note -  A note lasting four beats

Whole rest - Four beats of silence

Treble clef - The symbol that locates the G above middle C (higher pitches)

la, - A minor third below do and  an octave below la

So, - An octave below so

Do' - An octave above do

Absolute pitch names - The letter names of pitches on a staff

Step - Pitch movement up or down to the next line or the next space

Skip - Pitch movement up or down from a line to the next line or a space to the next space

Leap - Pitch movement up or down that is more than a skip

Repeated notes - A series of pitches that stay on the same line or in the same space

Octave - And interval of an 8th 

Flag - A single curved line which takes the place of a beam when eighth notes are separated

Fermata - A symbol (curved line with a dot below) that indicates to hold the note or rest longer

Subscript , - A comma placed lower and smaller next to a letter in Solfege to indicate that the note is below do

Superscript ' - An apostrophe  placed higher and smaller next to a letter in Solfege to indicate that the note is higher than ti

Mezzo piano - Medium soft

Mezzo forte - Medium loud

1st and 2nd endings - Markings at the end of a section of music indicating two different endings for subsequent repetitions of the section

Verse - A portion of a song which is sung with different words on each repetition of the melody

Refrain - A portion of a song which is sung the same each time it is repeated

D.C. al Fine - A marking found in a  song which indicates the performer is to go back to the beginning and continue until they see the word "Fine." Da Capo is Italian for "from the head," so literally - from the head to the finish

Introduction - Extra music at the beginning of a song

Coda - Extra music at the end of a song

AB form - A song including a verse and f=refrain, which begins on the verse and ends on the refrain each time it is repeated

Timbre - The particular sound of a voice or instrument

Round - A part song which starts off with a single voice or instrument in the melody, followed at intervals by the other voices, which enter individually and perform exactly the same melody, creating harmony from a simple  melody (also called a canon)

Unison - Multiple performers singing or playing the same pitches at the same time

Harmony - More than on pitch played or sung at the same time

Texture - A word to describe the presence or absence of harmony in a piece of music, and how the voices interact with each other

Accompaniment - Music played on an instrument to support and add interest to the melody

Latino - Music from Mexico or Latin America, or in the style of this music

Spiritual - Music created by African-American slaves and spiritual in nature