Music Vocabulary Words

Long - In contrast to short, of a duration that is visibly or audibly  longer

Short - In contrast to long, of a duration that is visibly or audibly shorter

Composer - The person who writes the music

Heartbeat (steady beat) - The pulse of the music

Word rhythm - The pattern of long and short sounds matching the song lyrics

High - In contrast to low, of a pitch that is visibly higher

Low -  In contrast to high, of a pitch that is visibly lower

Fast - A quick or lively tempo

Slow - A relaxed or ponderous tempo

Loud -  In contrast to soft, sound produced with a great deal of energy

Soft - In contrast to loud, sound which is suppressed or produced with less energy

Same - Sounding identical

Different - two or more should or patterns that are contrasting

Echo - Repeating exactly the previous phrase in singing orin playing

Answer - Responding to the previous phrase with a contrasting phrase

Instrument -  a device used to produce musical sounds

Cymbals - Metal percussion instrument played by crashing together or with a mallet

Hand drum - Membrane percussion instrument stuck with the hand

Rhythm sticks - Wooden percussion instrument played by striking together

Maracas - Percussion instrument played by shaking

Singing - Using the head voice

Whispering - Using a very quiet voice (not using the vocal cords)

Talking - Using a speaking voice

Calling - Using a shouting voice

March - A song with a strong 2 meter, such as one would hear at a parade

Lullaby - A song used to lull a baby to sleep

Dynamics - Levels of loud and soft

Tempo - How fast or slow the music is performed