Fourth Grade




Fourth Grade Music Vocabulary

Dotted half note -

A note lasting three beats


Fa -

A long, long way to go; a half step above mi


Half step -

The smallest interval in Western music


Whole step -

Two half steps


Flat -

A symbol that lowers the note by half a step


Sharp -

A symbol that raises the note half a step


Natural -

The symbol that negates a flat or sharp


Key signature-

Flats or sharps at the

beginning of the song that tell where

do is


Slur -

A line connecting two notes of different pitches, indicating

there is to be no articulation of the second pitch, but rather a

smooth connection between the two


Ritardando -

A gradual slowing of the te



Accelerando -

A gradual increase of the tempo


Moderato -

Medium tempo


Meter in 3 -

Beat pattern in sets of threes (strong, weak, weak etc.)


Anacrusis -

Internal: a note (or notes) prior to the bar line or next phrase

within a song to begin a musica

l phrase. External: a note (or

notes) prior to the bar line at the beginning of the song


Rondo -

Form in music where the A section recurs, normally after each

new contrasting section (ABACADA..)


Theme & Variation -

Form in which the A section is changed a bit for each

subsequent repetition (A A1A2A3...)


Interlude -

New music linking two sections of music in a longer piece


Duet -

Performance group consisting of two performers


Trio -

Performance group consisting of three performers


Quartet -

Performance group consisting of four performers


Ensemble -

Performance group containing more than one performer


Chorus/choir -

A fairly large group of singers who perform together, usually

singing more than one part


Partner song -

Two or more songs which, having the same chord structure,

sound pleasing when performed together


Countermelody -

A melody designed to compliment another melody when

performed together, by creating polyphonic texture


Canon -

A round, often designed so that all parts end together, wherever they happen to be in the song


Opera -

A play that is sung throughout


Musical theatre -

A play that is interspersed with songs that move the action

along or provide insight into a character or situation


For students who were selected to audition for the OPS Mini-Singers Chorus: use the practice track below to help as you prepare for your audition!

Music Alone Shall Live Practice Track - YouTube