First Grade

First Grade


 Music Vocabulary Words

Quarter note - A note that lasts one beat

Eighth notes - Tow equal sounds to a beat

Quarter rest - One beat of silence

Steady beat - THe pulse of the music (like a heart beat)

Melody - A combination of pitches and rhythm

Pitch - How high or low a sound is

Sol-mi - Two pitches whose relationship is a minor third

La - A pitch one whole step above sol

Staff - The 5 lines and 4 spaces on which music is written

Line note - A note where the line goes through the note

Space note - A note head that sits on a space between two lines

Upward - Ascending melodic pattern

Downward - Descending melodic pattern

Note head - The round part of the note

Stem - The vertical line extending upward or downward from all notes except whole notes. Stems on notes that are on the third line (B) of the treble clef staff and above should normally go down; the lower note stem should go up

Beam - The horizontal line connecting two or more eighth or sixteenth notes, or combinations of them

Presto - Very fast tempo

Largo - Very slow tempo

Piano - Soft

Forte - Loud

Form - The way the music is put together, which parts repeat and which do not (ABA)

Phrase - A musical thought (sometimes indicated by a breath or the feeling of a breath)

Ostinato - A pattern that repeats over and over throughout a song

Question-Answer - A type of song with two performers or groups singing or playing contrasting phrases back and forth, often in the form of 'questions' and 'answers'

Tambourine - Percussion instrument sometimes with a drum head and metal jingles around the edge, played by striking or shaking

Triangle - Metal percussion instrument shaped like a triangle, played by striking with a metal beater

Solo - A performer who sings or plays alone

Applause - Clapping to show appreciation for a performance