Miss Larsen

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Standing Bear:  (402) 827-4362.  My email address is:  lorene.larsen@ops.org


During my career in education, I have taught first, second, and third grades as well as English as a Second Language in grades K-12.  I enjoy working with children from all over the world and learning about different languages and cultures.  When I'm not teaching, I enjoy traveling, gardening, riding my bike, quilting, and doing various craft projects.  I am always eager to learn something new!


I received my Bachelors' Degree in Speech-Language Pathology form the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, then attended Dana College where I earned my certification in Elementary Education.  After beginning my teaching career, I took classes at University of Nebraska at Omaha to earn my Masters Degree in Education as well as an endorsement in Reading.  I received my endorsement in English as a Second Language from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.


I serve two schools:  Standing Bear and Saddlebrook.   If you have questions for me, please leave a message with the school secretary (402) 827-4362 and I will return phone calls as soon as possible.  You may also email me at:  lorene.larsen@ops.org.