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Our Star Words for September are the color words (red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, brown, black white).  October words are: a, the, that, my, like, I, said, and, look, an, to. November words are: can, if,at,it,up,on,us,in,we,are,see,is. December words: am, you, not, for, so, go, this, no, me, as.  January words: have, was, he, be, she, of, with, has, do, or, did.  February words:  all, had, out, too, yes, now, then, his, him, will, mom, man.  March words: ran, run, play, say, day, sit, sat, got, get, eat, by, how. April words: read, jump, ball. girl, boy, put, her, they, went, come, saw.
May words: what, now, find, make, good, down, help, off, take.

These are the words kindergartners are expected to know in our assessment book by year's end.  We will focus on approximately 10 words per month.