Math Links

Catepillar Ordering
A wonderful game for ordering numbers and for number sequences. Press F11 for full screen view.
Numbers to 20
The site looks at the numbers 1 - 20. Children can hear the names of the letters and see them represented by a corresponding number of object.
Simple Patterns
Simple shape and picture patterns for the children to complete. They will need to recognize colors too. There are worksheets to print with similar activities.
The Building Game
A 3D shape sorting game where children have to differentiate between different shapes and colors.
Counting Goats
A counting activity focusing on numbers 1 to 5.
The Sequence Game
Sequence activities involving shapes, letters and identifying colors.
Lecky Compares
A colorful, simple site where children need to compare and order different things? It covers mathematical vocabulary such as longest, shortest, widest, biggest and smallest.

The numbers 1 - 10 are represented in a way that is fun. Each number has an animation.
Find the Most
A simple game where children need to click on the contain which holds the most liquid.
Great Day for Number
A good tool for demonstrating addition to 10 on a numberline. There are two levels of difficulty.

Counting Objects
A simple introduction to block graphs. The counting activities are to 4 but children need to represent the animals on the graph.
Count and Order
A delightful simple counting and ordering site using the numbers 1 to 6 which young children will love. Activities can be repeated as the numbers are randomly generated.