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     Students, be prepared to discover yourself as a reader this year in Room 28. We will be picking books that are just right, not too easy nor too challenging. Students will be increasing their comprehension skills through daily practice during Daily 3+1. My expectation is for students to read daily, at least 15 minutes.

     The first 8 days of school we will review the Daily 5, which I refer to as the Daily 3+1.  The Daily 3 are read to self, work on writing and work on word work (vocabulary) and the + 1 is read to someone which I do a lot whole group and students will do occasionally with a partner. We will not start Lesson 1 in the basal reading book the week of August 27th.

Lesson 1

Spelling Words

The test is on Friday.

Please have your child practice spelling these words orally, on paper, or by playing a spelling game.


1. pact

2. brand

3. brick

4. crop

5. broad

6. tread

7. film

8. else

9. gram

10. gum

11. dread

12. spend

13. past

14. plot

15. check

16. split

17. sting

18. strap

19. task

20. twin


Challenge Words

21. gingerly

22. ditch

23. pleasure

24. penguin

25. lecture

Robust Vocabulary  Lesson 1 These words will be quizzed on Friday. Study your definitions in your RRN.


pact       venture        depriving       annoyed           queasy             foisted