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Bear Reading for Holiday Storytime

Encourage your child to read every day!   



 Hello and welcome to first grade! My name is Steph Bartling.  This is my eleventh year of teaching.  I taught four years in Kindergarten before moving to first grade!  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and received my masters degree in Reading from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  I am excited to see all that we can learn together this school year!   If you have any questions, please let me know.  My email is:








Room 10 Specials


Cycle Day 1: Library  

Cycle Day 2/7 : Music

Cycle Day 3/8: Art

Cycle Day 4/9: Library CHECKOUT 

Cycle Day 5/10: P.E.

Cycle Day 6: Guidance 

Lunch: 11:35-12:05


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Standing Bear School Expectations:

Show Your PAWS!

Personal Best

Act Responsible                                   

Work and Play Safely

Show Respect 


Remember the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated!





Spelling Words


Each week we will have a new set of words for the students to learn how to spell and use in sentences.  Find fun ways to practice at home! 


Words for the week of March 18 

"Whistle for Willie"

again   boy   nothing   along   father   together   began   house   

look   brook   wood   book   took   hood   good   foot   crook   hook   shook   hoof


Words for the week of March 25

"A Butterfly Grows"

also   kind   upon   anything   places   warm   flower   ready

soon   boot   soup   new   too   you   noon   moon   grew   zoo   blew   scoop


Words for the week of April 1 

"The New Friend"

buy   myself   school   city   party   seven   family   please   

how   ouch   gown   now   house   town   cow   found   shout   owl   out   power


Words for the week of April 15 

"The Dot"

above   pushed   teacher   bear   studied   toward   even   surprised   

mix   mixed   hop   hopped   hope   hoping   run   running   use   used   writing   grabbed

 Words for the week of April 22

"What Can You Do?"

always   different   enough   happy   high   near   once   stories

hard   harder   hardest   fast   faster   fastest   slow   slower   slowest   sooner   shorter   shortest   


 Words for the week of April 29

"The Kite"

across   ball   cries   head   heard   large   second   should

my   try   sky   fly   by   dry   pie   cried   night   light   myself   brighter


 Words for the week of May 6

"A Boat Disappears"

almost   any   behind   gone   happened   hello   idea   leaves

sad   sadly   slow   slowly   dust   dusty   trick   tricky   help   helpful   quickly   hopeful


 Words for the week of May 13 

"Winners Never Quit"

brothers   everyone   field   loved   most   only   people   sorry

even   open   begin   baby   tiger   music   paper   zero   table   below   because   silent 



First Grade Math:   

Count, Model and Identify Numbers 1-120

Addition and Subtraction strategies and fluency




Money: Identify 4 coins and their amounts

Time: to the hour and half hour

Shapes: 2 and 3 Dimensional