Your third grader should be reading 10-30 minutes nightly.  He/she can read books from home or library books from Standing Bear.  Third graders can read silently or to a family member.  Please be sure the books your child is reading are not too difficult.  We will be learning the "I PICK" method of choosing books.

I PICK Good-Fit Books

1.  Purpose-Why do I want to read it?

2.  Interest-Does it interest me?

3.  Comprehend-Am I understanding what I am reading?

4.  Know-I know most of the words.


Please practice your math facts! 

Literacy Folders

Your child's homework folder will come home on Monday.  Inside the folder will be all the assignments your child will need to complete and return to school by Friday. 


Your child's weekly assignments will include:
  1. Study reading vocabulary words and spelling words nightly
  2. Reading Comprehension Activity
  3. Math Activity
  4. Read assigned story
  5. Reading Vocabulary Worksheet