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List of Third Grade Spelling Words


Words from

Lesson 29:  The Planets


1. overnight

2. bicycle

3.  nonstop

4. overdue

5.  overlook

6.  biweekly

7.  overflow

8.  nonsense

9.  oversee

10.  overhead

11.  nonfiction

12. overcoat

13.  nonfat

14.  overdone

15.  biplane

16.  overtaken

17.  overheat

18.  nonstick

19.  nontoxic

20.  overboard


Printable List of Third Grade Spelling Words

about across afraid afternoon age
ago almost also anyone anything
balloon basket bean bear behind
birthday blind body born boxes
bread breakfast brush build buses
butter carries caught change cheese
cherry circus classes clear climb
clown color coming crawl crazy
cries dinner doctor doesn't dollar
done driving early easy everyone
everything eyes finish flies foil
food forgot Friday front funny
gift grinned guess half happen
heard heart heavy hello himself
horse hurt I'll I'm I've
isn't it's kept key knee
knew know lamb laugh law
leave left life lift lived
lose love mark match maybe
meal meat meet merry Monday
more morning mouse mouth move
near never newspaper noise none
once other outside own paint
park past penny picnic piece
point prize push queen quickly
raised really riding river rode
roll roses rule running sail
sale Saturday school scratch scream
serve sew shelf shiny shopping
should sitting skinned sky slept
smiling soft someone something speak
spread spring stairs stopped straight
street stretch string strong suit
summer Sunday tenth that's thick
threw throw Thursday tiny today
together tooth touch town tries
trouble true Tuesday turn until
used voice walk warm we'll
Wednesday whole window without won't
wore wrong wrote young you're