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Mrs. Blair

Hello and welcome to the Standing Bear Elementary Library. I am a travel librarian and  I have been a school librarian at Standing Bear Elementary since 2009. I also teach at Chandler View and I am very lucky to work at two amazing schools.

I am very excited to start the new year. We will read all ten Primary Golden Sower nominees to the K-3 grades and vote for our favorite book in April. All of the students will be busy writing and drawing in their reading journals. The fourth grade students can participate in the Intermediate Golden Sower program. Those who read 4 or more of the nominated books on their own or with a parent will be able to vote and attended our annual Golden Sower Party.

Each K-4 graders will be taught Common Sense Media lessons. These lessons focus on using the computer in a safe and responsible way. I am a certified Common Sense Educator and Standing Bear is a certified Common Sense School. I strongly believe in teaching students how to be good digital citizens. We have also completed several research projects, learned how to use e-mail accounts, develop reading and writing skills, and learn how to use the library effectively. 




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