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Julianne Johnson

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Hello and welcome! I am excited to join you as the new librarian at Standing Bear Elementary.  

This year, we will be introducing makerspaces as part of the library experience. Through makerspaces, students are invited to use their creativity, problem solving, and collaborative skills with a variety of materials. Students will explore new ways of building and solving challenges with Tangrams, Brain Flakes, Magna-Tiles, and more. 

Students will also work to improve their understanding of technology and internet safety through lessons from Common Sense Media. Students will use these skills to guide them in evaluating sources for mini-research projects. 


3rd Grade
Omaha History


Durham Museum



Joslyn Castle

Lewis and Clark

4th grade

Nebraska History 

Oregon Trail (Click on #3 on


Transcontinental Railroad (Click on #10 on


Lewis & Clark (Click on #3 on


Native Americans  (Click on #1 on

Red Cloud   (Click on #16)


 Standing Bear


Nebraska Childhood (Click on #11)