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Library Check Out Schedule

Buzz in, Check out a good book!

      Below you will find the Cycle Day your child should return books for his/her library check out time. You can find the cycle day on the lunch menu. (which is linked to the home page)  

     Remember the day of the week will change from time to time depending on the cycle day. Please check your lunch calendar after all holidays. :)

Cycle Day 1 & 6

Mrs. Kahlandt

Mrs. West

Mrs. Petersen

Mrs. Madsen

Cycle Day 2 & 7

Mrs. Fahnholz

Mrs. Bock

Mrs. Stoffel

Ms. Livers

Mrs. Nordstrom

Mrs. Young

Cycle Days 4 & 9

Mrs. Sheets

Mrs. Paymal

Mrs. Ryan

Mrs. Maguire

Mrs. Bartling

Mrs. Long

Mrs. Loper

Cycle Days 5 & 10

Mrs. Gourley

Miss Swanson

Mrs. Pryor

Mrs. Talacko

Mr. Heller

Mrs. Baker