Library Check Out Schedule

Buzz in, Check out a good book!     

Below you will find the Cycle Days that each teacher has library checkout. Please talk with your child's teacher to find out which calendar days match when your child will come to library.

Your child only needs to return books on the day(s) that they are scheduled to attend in-person school. 

All students are welcome to return books when they are finished reading them any day that they attend in-person school even if it is not their scheduled library day.

Return Books = Win Prizes

Kindergarten through fourth grade students who return all of their books by the end of the year will be entered in a drawing to win a prize. More information will follow in third quarter.


Ms. Livers Cycle Days 3/8

Mrs. Long Cycle Days 4/9

Mrs. Madsen Cycle Days 4/9

Mrs. Maguire Cycle Days 5/10

Mrs. Talacko Cycle Days 3/8

1st Grade

Mrs. Baker Cycle Days 4/9

Mrs. Bartling Cycle Days 5/10

Ms. Loper Cycle Days 3/8

Mrs. Nordstrom Cycle Days 3/8

Mrs. Young Cycle Days 5/10

2nd Grade

Mrs. Gourley Cycle Days 5/10

Mrs. Heng Cycle Days 3/8

Mrs. Kahlandt Cycle Days 4/9

Mrs. Sheets Cycle Days 3/8

Mrs. Stoffel Cycle Days 4/9

3rd Grade

Mrs. Briggs Cycle Days 3/8

Mr. Heller Cycle Days 3/8

Mrs. Pryor Cycle Days 5/10

Mrs. Petersen Cycle Days 4/9

Mrs. Ryan Cycle Days 4/9

4th Grade

Mrs. Bock Cycle Days 2/7

Mrs. Paymal Cycle Days 5/10

Ms. Jefferson Cycle Days 1/6

Mrs. Malsam Cycle Days 3/8